Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Visa USA en First Data: gedwongen winkelnering...

In de VS is er een juridische strijd gaande over de vraag of je nu wel of niet verplicht zou kunnen worden via Visanet je transacties te laten lopen. First Data vindt van niet; Visa van wel. Dus Visa start een proces en First Data betaalt met gelijke munt terug. E-payments-news meldt:

First Data Corp., on November 5, 2002, filed a counter suit against Visa alleging anti-competitive and monopolistic practices that limit competition, innovation and choice in the payments industry.

Visa filed suit against First Data in April, attempting to block the expansion of processing credit card transactions through First Data Net, and in August added a ban on all private arrangements -- an arrangement to provide efficient direct connections to authorize or to clear and settle transactions outside of VisaNet.

First Data Net enables direct connections between merchant acquirers and card issuing banks, eliminating unnecessary detours in the payment process. Currently, Visa requires payments to go through its own network -- even if a payment can be processed securely and more directly between a merchant and a card-issuing bank. First Data Net is simply an expansion of the low-cost, secure processing services First Data has delivered to the marketplace for more than 30 years.