Thursday, December 10, 2015

Satoshi rumours reminds me of being John Malkovich

These days, there's a rumour going around that an Australian guy would actually be Satoshi, the inventor of bitcoin. Next morning, this guys house was raided by the police, in search of all kinds of evidence.

To me, it seems sufficient evidence to assume that the true Satoshi will choose never to reveal his or her identity. If all kinds of law enforcers incorrectly wish to blame the inventor instead of the users of his invention, you better steer clear of such hassle.In addition I could well imagine Sathoshi to be a bit of a hermit.

In that sense, even getting a Nobel price or the Turing Award would make no difference. We won't know who Satoshi is, which means we may get stuck with all kinds of impersonisations of him. Which reminds me of the movie: Being John Malkovich (see trailer here) .

In the movie, people may enter the brain and become John Malkovich for some time, until being spit out and landing at the side of a road. My best guess is that we will witness similar events for those who wish to be Satoshi.