Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Ambities van CCV...

... worden duidelijk uit het persbericht bij epaymentsnews. Ik knip en plak even wat frases.

Computercentrum C. van de Velden Group (CCV) has selected S2's OpeN/2 platform to drive its business expansion throughout Europe. OpeN/2 is being deployed on Stratus Technologies' Intel-based ftServer fault-tolerant system in a Windows 2000 environment.

CCV specializes in electronic payments and is a leading processor of authorization and payment-based transactions from POS and fuel pump terminals throughout the Netherlands and Europe. CCV is now processing more than 100 million online authorization transactions annually in The Netherlands and Europe from POS, ATMs, gas station pumps and other customer touch points....

Increased demand for electronic micropayments and mobile payments in The Netherlands and elsewhere is driving organizations to adopt S2 Systems' best-of-breed OpeN/2 enterprise payment solution. CCV routes transactions for ATM, payphone, mobile top-up for prepaid subscriptions, and debit/credit cards that include Visa, Diner's Club and American Express, among others.

S2's innovative OpeN/2 platform with the Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant server was the obvious solution choice for CCV because of its proven 99.999% availability. The international operating company has always played a major role in the development and introduction of products and software related to electronic payments and first laid the foundation for electronic payment traffic in Holland; CCV owns 70% of the Dutch POS terminal market. The company's expansion will be driven by the virtually limitless scalability and systems reliability of the S2-Stratus solution.