Monday, May 28, 2007

RBS bid will come a bit later: DNB fears the risks... reports that the RBS bid will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday (as the Monday is a holiday here). But rumour in the Observer has it that DNB has a lot of concerns and fears as to the risks involved (even though RBS provided a full financial guarantee). DNB doesn't find the liquidity or solvability sufficient and is concerned as to the financial stability.

Well, the question is, can a supervisor that itself has been so bad in recognizing risks in the past (due to which it let some serious issues go sour at van der Hoop resulting in a liquidation of that bank...), now suddenly make proper risk assessments. Or will they be more careful, due to image considerations and thus prefer Barclays? To only find out many years later, that that was even more risky....?

Isn't it just a fact that regardsless of the party taking over, there will be a lot of changes for ABN AMRO. The main question is which company is best able to deal wih those changes/complexity.