Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26- Securities regulator now demanding explanation from VEB (shareholders ABN AMRO)

The NRC informs us that the securities regulator, AFM, is trying to figure out if the pro-active shareholders associaton (VEB) has done something illegal during the take-over procedure of ABN AMRO.

Well of course VEB has done a lot and was shown to be right when challenging the LaSalle sale in court. So what happens next is that apparently the regulators get a bit sick of VEB complaining and sueing all around. So they get some in return which is an investigation into the role of the VEB.

VEB immediately published the AFM's letter with questions. Yet AFM did not wish to reply publicly, stating that it finds the letter confidential. But it is clear that it wishes the account numbers of VEB-employees and a list of the contacts of VEB with all involved players in the ABN AMRO take-over.