Thursday, May 17, 2007

ABN Amro chief Groenink denied he considered to quit

Chief Executive Rijkman Groenink isn't planning to resign amid a row over his handling of the takeover battle for ABN AMRO. He denied to Dutch television channel RTL-Z "categorically" that he was under any internal pressure to resign. And e referred to the fact that all decisions were jointly taken by the Supervisory and Executive Board.

Then again, if one feels the need to defend oneself by means of a TV-programme, it does appear that the allegation somehow stung. So while keeping his head high, this may affect the morale of Groenink more than he would show the outer world. And if it would not, it demonstrates that he has a so-called 'bord' in front of his head (Dutch expression, referring to a wooden shelf, vertically placed in front of ones head, completely restricting the view and sensory sensation of the mutterings of the outer world).