Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Way2Pay to mail 1,5 million Postbank customers

Planet Multimedia reports that Way2Pay, the Paypal-like payment service of ING, is going to mail 1,5 Postbank customers to convince them to use Way2Pay. Apparently the operational issues have been resolved and Way2Pay is ready to gain market share. As a part of the promotion Way2Pay also gives away 5 euro for the first sale.

Way2Pay manager Peekel explained to Planet that some thousands transactions are done each month, notably in the webshopping segment. P2P payments hardly occur. Of the 450 shops contracted, some 150 are actually operational. Soon, a feature will be available, where a transaction in the Way2Pay-account leads to a notitification in MSN Messenger.

With the promotion campaign, Way2Pay may just be one step ahead of Rabobank, which - according to their earlier announcements - should also be introducing their payment service shortly now.