Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Paying digital content by billing the subscriber: Planet Internet / OD2

Planet Internet announces that as of today it will offer its subscribers to the Planet Music Club the option to get digital music from the British OD2. Subscribers pay 7,49 euro per month and get 1000 credits. These credit can be used to:

- play a track on the site (1 credit).

- download a track to the harddisk (10 credits),

- burn the track on a CD (99-189 credits).

Now does this make Planet an e-money issuer...? That wholly depends on the question if the credits are merely credits at OD2 (in which case we have a prepayment for services, with Planet acting as the payment agent) or if the credits are those of Planet. In that case it all depends on how to interpret 'receipt of funds' in terms of the E-money directive. But pending my entrance in the PlanetMusic club I cannot give further specifics.