Wednesday, September 03, 2003

SNS introduces mobile banking via i-mode

SNS Bank, part of the SNS Reaalgroep publishes a press release to inform us that it now allows payment made by mobile phone (i-mode) from its bank accounts to any other bank account. Until now, such payments were possible by using a Postbank/Telfort/Siemens mobile phone (WAP-application) or with a special contract of ABN AMRO (using the e.dentifier in combination with the mobile phone). So SNS is the first to use i-mode.

As to the security of these payments, Willem de Jager of de Rabobank explained last year at a conference on mobile payments that Rabo has urged SNS Bank not to use i-mode for transactions. And as it turns out SNS has waited until SSL became available on i-mode. So now that SNS has jumped in the water, will other banks follow?