Wednesday, February 04, 2004

AT&T PrePaid Web Cents Technology: nice white labeling example

In this article AT&T announces an agreement with 7-Eleven to market AT&T Web Cards. These cards allow customers to download music from RealRhapsody, the Internet jukebox service from RealNetworks. The cards will be available in 5,300 7-Eleven stores.

Prepaid specialty cards supported by AT&T PrePaid Web Cents technology are sold at traditional retail outlets. They carry a specific content provider's brand and are used to purchase that provider's online content.

The specialty cards can be used to purchase a variety of online content such as interactive games, ring tones, graphics, maps, guidebooks, digital music, streaming audio and video, software, research services, and more. Each card is issued by the content provider and is exclusively for use on its site.

I think this trend may also come to Europe. In the end all retailers/content provider want their own relationship with the customer. And if they can avoid legal hassles with respect to e-money while doing so, it will be all the better.