Monday, December 22, 2003

Stormy wheather for contactless card for public transport

Planet reports that the introduction of a contactless card for public transport is in danger. The NS (the Dutch Railways) is willing to invest but seeks a commitment from other players in the sector in order to be sure of sufficient transactions. Apparently it has not succeeded in finding this committment and as a result TLS (the company that arranges the introduction of the card) will soon meet its shareholders to discuss the situation that has arisen.

Other news on the new chipcard (Automatiseringsgids) is that this Saturday the Minister of Transport started the new payment system in Amersfoort, meanwhile opening the new offices of TLS. Also, one of the participating companies, Connexxion, issued a press release to inform the public that it will start its trials with the new system at the end of 2004.

Most interesting link that I can provide is the discussion on the new system at Tweakers net. This provides a nice insight into consumer perception themes.