Tuesday, April 08, 2003

KBB Vendex installs in-store ATM's, also trials tv-programme

RTLZ reports that retailer Vendex KBB will install approximately 100 ATM's in it's stores this year. The mottto (,,Pinnen doe je veilig binnen'') is a Dutch rime, that would translate as: one better uses the pin inside.

Of interest is also that KBB Vendex is also trying to broaden its service concept by broadcasting their own tv-show on SBS 6 (see this press-release). This can be viewed as a more generic trend or a reaction to the Wehkamp initiative (a tv-programme with the name: Wehkamp Welkom, broadcasted on SBS 6 as well...).

And then, if we broaden our view even more, we should note that there is an increasing amount of (badly produced) tv-commercials for 'loan-products' that actually involve taking a second loan on your house and combining it with a life insurance (with Gelink as a nice annoying example..).

So the overall picture is that TV is increasingly being used for immediate (financial) product sales and not only for image improvement. It must be a sign of the times.