Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Is the Chipknip annoying to tourists...?

Business News Radio today reported on the use of the Chipknip in Rotterdam. Tourists coming to Rotterdam need to buy pre-paid chipknips to be able to park their car. Pre-paid cards can be bought in shops (where consumers pay 10 euro to receive 9 or 7,5 euro on the card) or sometimes from the owner of a tourist attraction (that can sell pre-paid chipknip cards of 10 euro for 10 euro each). Yet, it appears that some toerist attractions (SPIDO) get quite some complaints from tourists that failed to pay for their parked car (and may thus enjoy not only a nice day in Rotterdam but a parking fine as well).

The Rotterdam City Government official was pretty relaxed when interviewed. He explained that before the days of the chipknip, it was more difficult to find working parking meters (due to criminal attempts to open the meters) than now. He also explained that the City Government provided the

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