Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Figures for home-banking and on-line behaviour

In general, more and more people go online in the Netherlands. Figure for december 2002 was 9,1 million and January 2003 was 10,1 million. This is quite an increase, which is also notice by the Tax Office in the Netherlands. They promote on-line submission of tax forms and have noticed an increase. The number of 650.000 digital submissions in 2002 rose to 1 million in 2003.

Rabobank has reported an increase of 55 % more customers and now counts more then 1 million Internet savings accounts. As a result 30 % of its savings by customers is now on Internet savings accounts (compared to 21 % at the end of 2001).

ABN AMRO reports 900.000 private customers and 45.000 business customers online.

ING Direct now has 5 million customers and 58 billion euro in savings accounts all over the world (Canada, Germany, US, Italy..).

Sources: Emerce, Automatiseringsgids, FD.