Thursday, March 22, 2007

Google moving in with e-money license

Following up on all the news of Skype, I was wondering whether or not major players such as Yahoo, Microsoft and Google were up to further financial business yes or no (see also this report on Microsofts hiring choice for financial services EMEA). If so, the most likely place for them to be active would be the UK, basis of Paypal (assuming Paypal has chosen its home based an a thorough analysis of the best regulatory climate or doing cross-border banking and e-money business).

So what do you get if you go to the FSA register search and type in....:
Yahoo - 433351 - Yahoo! UK Limited - insurance mediation - not much.
Microsoft - 209864 - Microsoft Online UK Ltd ; some stuff about Egg, valid until 31/08/2005
Paypal - 226056 - Paypal (Europe) Ltd, authorised, issuing electronic money,
Skype - nothing
Vodafone - nothing, also their small e-money license has disappeared from the radar.
Google - 462517 - Google Payment Limited, authorised, also for issuing electronic money.

Well, what would they be up to?
Can we conclude that Google have gotten themselves a license, and are 'forgetting' to tell us all about it. I've tried googling the question (as Google knows ;-)) but that didn't get any results. So I guess we'll have to wait and see for further announcements.

Meanwhile I may go about checking the Dutch central registers to see if they have similar stuff in their books.