Saturday, March 24, 2007

Europe is dead... long live Europe

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Europe. A lot of celebrations on the whole. And clearly the founders have been shown to be right to integrate the European countries in order to prevent further war among states such as France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Yet, we may lately have been overdoing this a bit. Having not had a war amongst us, the focus of the EU has been shifting more and more to the internal market and theoretic open/internal market musings. With the European Union starting to suffer from institutional drift and gaining more and more ground and territory.

Today Open Europe published the findings of a poll amongst Europeans and the outlook is not good. Europeans essentially all find that Europe should transfer powers back to Member States and that this division of tasks between Europe and Member States should be the first item on the agenda (followed by: reducing trade barriers and reducing the number of rules/regulations). Furthermore, for the EU as a whole, 56% agreed with the statement that “the European Union does not represent ordinary people in our country”. Only 34% disagreed.