Saturday, March 31, 2007

Currence investigation update: perhaps a lovers quarrel?

Today the financieele dagblad reports that it has somehow 'gotten hold of' a secret letter by the Dutch competition authority to Currence. This letter supposedly accompanies the published report (stating there was no problem; see earlier post). And the newspaper is now reading the letter to former commissioner Jorritsma and asking for comments. Jorritsma appears to be keen on being right after all and concludes that she is happy that her leaving the company (together with former director van der Veer) has lead to an improvement of the situation at Currence.

Which sounds a bit as if the whole Currence investigation is not about competition in the bank sector but about a love-affair gone sour between banks and the competition authority on the one hand and the former employee/commissioner and the newspaper on the other. Could it be that the divorce between the former lovers was a bit painful and thus, even after the judge rules a verdict in the case, the quarrel between the two sides continues?