Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Huge usage/trust/confidence figures for internet-banking

See the website and report of Trendbox (summarizing longitudinal market research) and find out that:
- internet penetration reaches 8 out o 10 in the Netherlands
- the average number of digital devices in the Dutch household is 12 (but customers can only name three),
- while in 2005 about 60 % of the Dutch would do Internet banking, the recent figures show that 71 % of the population does banking via the web,
- 52 % of all people on-line also buy via the web; this was 44 % last year and 25 % in 2003,
- particularly the young have started using the web; this year the usage percentage rose to 74 %,
- comparing goods/services is even more popular than shopping online (which could be the Dutch approach: a lot of looking rather than buying).

So all this suggests that without the Dutch realizing it, we have become very much digital, now trusting nd using the web for all purposes. Most likely we'll be high up in the comparative charts with the Finnish in terms of % of the population that does banking via the web.