Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Postbank increases security for voice response services over the phone

Postbank has moved its voice-response banking platform (Girofoon) to a new provider. And is also shifting to the use of a premium rate service number (0900) for this service.

The interesting thing is that the first time I used the new number of the Girofoon and identified myself, the Postbank informed me that my self-chosen authentication code (which was five zeroes: 00000) is a weak code. Which is not a problem for me given that I have explicitly blocked the transaction functionality of the Girofoon.

The automated system then informed me I had to choose a new code, after proving my identity by providing:
- first digits of my debit-card number
- expiry date of debit-card
- birth date

Which I did, so the only question for all you criminals out there is: which is the next new easy-to-remember-code that I chose... ;-)