Friday, May 12, 2006

Dutch slow in migration to EMV, according to terminal supplier CCV

Today one of the most important terminal suppliers and processors in the Netherlands, CCV, briefed the public (see that the Netherlands are getting behind in the migration to EMV. And despite the fact that current fraud cost in the Dutch debit card system are still very low, CCV appears to use fear tactics and points out that we face a possibility that magnetic stripe debit-card fraud will move to the Netherlands.

While at face value there appears to be a bit of self-interest here, with CCV being one of the major terminal suppliers, CCV's self-interest will not be the major issue. No single supplier of goods will be seeking publicity to boost sales if at the same time he has no goods available. And that is the case: CCV has not a single EMV compliant terminal for the Dutch market available.

So what is happening here?

We need to keep in mind that CCV is dependent on Interpay for the certification of its terminals. So my guess is that it's more likely that CCV tries to fire up Interpay to get going with the certification.