Saturday, April 08, 2006

Phishers tricks and scams: surveys and little old ladies have a number of articles on latest scams:
- old lady asks for help on eBay as she is buying a wheelchair, but the Good Samaritan that uses the redirect in her mail loses login details
- here is a bank survey that will earn you 20 dollar if you respond quickly (which means losing your id-details)
- in order to verify some account details please phone our free 0800-service to ensure continued use of your credit-card

We will not be able to trust anyone anymore or take things at face value. So secure e-id from government is what we are heading for. And all the rest needs to be ignored.

Here we see how we lose humanity and human treats such as the good value of trust (which builds by giving it first and getting it back later) due to ubiquitous technology. I don't know if anyone ever predicted or foresaw this technology effect.