Monday, July 11, 2005

Chipcard only in parking meters is not a (legal) problem

The highest Dutch Court rules last week that city councils are allowed to place parking meters that only accept Chipknip-payments. There is no need that these parking meters accept cash, as long as the cities comply with the rule to have separate pre-paid chipcards on sale near the parking meters.

The ruling corrects an erronoues judgment of a lower court. And it also puts aside an advice of the legal council to the court. Both these incorrect legal findings made the public believe that there would be a legal requirement to accept cash at all times. Yet, this is however a common misconception.

In general there is no requirement to accept cash, provide one states it beforehand. An additional rule for government entities is that, as far as it concern a payment of tax, sufficient ways exist to pay with cash (or use cash to buy a pre-paid chipcard nearby).

I'm glad that the High Court made this one clear once and for all.