Monday, March 29, 2004

New release of Interpay Internet cash register for banks...

Interpay E-commerce services provide the back-office technology for some Internet cash registers of banks (TWYP, ABN AMRO, BNG). And as of tomorrow a newer version of its software will eventually allow end users more options such as:

- support for Mastercard Securecode and Verified by Visa,

- layered login (allowing merchants to use more than a single username/password and create their own sub-users/profiles for the internal treasurer, the customer care employee etc),

- more detailed reporting of transactions, more language options,

- etc.

Interpays technology is now in use by banks such as TWYP, ABN AMRO, BNG. Rabobank however has built its proprietary Internet cash register. And there are of course other providers such Bibit, Ogone, Triple Deal, Global Collect etc. Their offerings are sometimes based on using Interpays back-office or on the use of independent international acquiring agents.

The respective websites of these players are quite different in terms of transparancy on features/fees etc. For those who want to do a quick tour of the webinfo on cash registers and payment service providers:

- Abn Amro,

- Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten,

- The Way You Pay (ING Bank),

- Rabobank,

- Bibit,

- Global Collect,

- Triple Deal,

- Ogone,

- Multipay,

- Netgiro Nederland,

- ontwikkelaar Chess met PURE transactie techniek,

- Buckaroo,

- Virtual XS.