Sunday, January 11, 2004

Holiday news leftovers

Always there's a pile after the holiday. To keep track of the developments I hereby note:

- article in FD on changing bank accounts (Dutch banks increasingly try to get each other's payment clients),

- the savings card NU (NU spaarpas) has come to and end in 2003, by lack of further resources, succes and / or investments,

- Citibank and HSBC will enter the Chinese credit-card market as first foreign players,

- a young man of 18 has been caught in Alkmaar with a bunch of false euro notes,

- falso Euro's got back into the news, especially the fact that they are hard to discover,

- Ticketbox sold 1,5 million tickets for dance/events in 2003 and will further diversify to tickets for conferences/trade events.