Wednesday, January 28, 2004

CASH-ATM.NET: prepaid off-shore Visa card scam ?

I've just been spammed:


Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 06:43:32 -0800

From: Kenneth

Subject: Anonymous E-gold Visa Debit Card


but this time it is an interesting one. This company, CASH-ATM.NET offers an off-shore pre-paid ATM Card that needs to be funded first and can be used later. The company states that it will send the Visa Card via Post.

Now why do I think this is fishy... ?

Is it because:

- they claim that no identification is needed while e-money regulation makes these products fall under identification requirements.... ?,

- of the flashy and intriguing sounds on the website...?

- the spam-address is different from the whoisrecord (that indicates the e-mail of the owner of the site is:,

- the terms and conditions state Lebanon to be the state of the issuers and the contact sheet on the website says Black Tree Bank in Barcelona?

- of the Account opening fee of 75 $ and depositing and transaction fee of 2,5 %?

- a Google Spain search does not show Black Tree Bank or Calle Trafalgar?

Who knows?