Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Great goody for Chipknippers at Albert Heijn...

This week Albert Heijn gets a lot of media attention because the food chain has started a price war in retail. But to me, something else is more interesting. Todays field research learns me that all customers that use the chipknip will receive a free key fob with a silver coin in it with the brand Chipknip. Now why is this and what's the use ?

Well, Chipknip and Albert Heijn have agreed to promote the use of the Chipknip for small payments in the shop. This eliminates the need for coins, but then again, we often need those coins to unlock a shopping cart for use in the shop. So if we are to use the Chipknip, Chipknip might as well provide a solution, a coin in the format of the 50 eurocent, for future use in the Albert Heijn shopping cart. Which is exactly what Chipknip en Albert Heijn do, provided that the shopper pays with Chipknip (and perhaps gets his first time Chipknip-experience).

Chipknip goody in AH shopping cart

So although I don't often get excited in the supermarket at the point of sale, this time I really admired the work of the marketing team that developed this promotion. It's very well focused, targeted and fully in line with the need to make payment and shopping as easy as possible. Excellent work !