Friday, February 28, 2003

Iris recognition in ATM's?

A famous Dutch humourist (Wim de Bie) had a visionairy view on the use of biometrics in banking. Already in 1988 he predicted in his book Schoftentuig (pages 22-24) that banks would implant the magstripe under the skin of the forehead, would tattoo the pincode in the top of the pointing finger and would implant a proximity token in the tongue of their customers (while surcharging the consumer a fee of 50 % per transaction). Now, Erwin Boogert sent me this Australian article on the use of Iris recognition in ATM's.

For this to become reality in the payments industry however, we will need much better computers that allow the error rates (false rejection rate etc.) to be reduced to almost zero. I'd give it 20 years from now on, before we use biometrics in payments.