Sunday, January 14, 2007

P&S News 45 is out

See this link and discover amongst others:
- the website of the PCI Standard,
- the establishment of Click&Buy as e-money issuer in the UK,
- the pre-paid mastercard offered by Wirecard,
- the sepa brochure by the ECB,
- the Eurosystems view on cards (quite interesting to see how within a little number of years the eurosystem, essentially responsible for just the interest rate and monetary policy, has moved outside of its legal territory and now positions itself as being (morally) responsible for retail-payments),
- the Target2Securities discussion (even more interesting to note that while in the cards domain the eurosystem warns for limited functioning of the market when there will be a duopoly, while in the securities domain it is planning to become an active market player (in the end kicking out the others in the market and getting a monopoly itself).