Monday, August 25, 2003

Service ATM's as a skimming source

Cards Worldwide reports that four men and two women have been jailed to date for their part in the $1.2-million scam that ripped off nearly 4,000 Canadian debit-card holders and international credit-card holders worldwide.

The victims had all used debit or credit cards at one of five privately owned "white-label" ATMs in Vancouver. The machines were rigged to record their account and personal identification numbers. The card info was used to withdraw money at ATM's.

As soon as the police blocked the Canadian ATM-debit-cards, the criminals went on to use the credit-card info retrieved. One of the criminals was caught in Belgium with 80 fraudulent cards.

Lesson 1: be careful with non-bank ATM's!

Lesson 2: these crime's never go unsolved.