Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Top Ticket Line chooses Bibit as Payment Service Provider

One of the markets where considerable improvement of payment/delivery is still possible is the ticket-market. Standing in line to wait for a ticket is quite fun and exciting, certainly if you spend the night in a sleeping bag together with other fans of your favourite star. Nevertheless, the ease of an internet- or call-centre order (followed) by payment may be quite attractive as well.

Today Bibit announces that TopTicketLine, the marketing and sales organisation for Joop van den Ende's Stage Holding, has chosen Bibit to provide the payment back-office for both Internet- and call centre payments.

One of the main considerations is to have the back office in line with the desired strategic position. TopTicketLine used to be the locally oriented Reserveerlijn, but is repositioning itself this summer towards a more diverse and international productline of tickets, hotel bookings etc. So given the expected increase of both Internet- and cross-border payments, Bibit has been chosen as the PSP.