Friday, January 24, 2003

The end of Chipper ... your e-money back ?

The Dutch newspaper Het Parool reported on January 21, that Chipper users can no longer go to the post office to redeem the residual electronic money on their Chipper chip. Therefore Postbank customers that want their money back need to send in their card to the customer service. Then again, in many cases the electronic money is on the chip of a debit-card that is actively being used. And who's going to send in his favorite debit-card to redeem only a little bit of e-money?

The Parool makes a fuss about the fact that Postbank should have made more announcements about the withdrawal of the Chipper than they did. I don't understand why they didn't take the issue one step further. Now that there are no more terminals that accept Chipper-payments, Postbank would be in a position to redeem the electronic money of the cards to the individual users. It would cost them some money, but then again, it would be the gentleman-like way forward, given the redeemability requirement of the e-money directive.