Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on 10 years of blogging.....

These days it's about ten years ago that I started blogging: I set up the blog Retail Betaalgedachten to voice my views on the retail payments issues in the Netherlands. At that point in time a friend of mine had a personal blog, but I started to use blogs for my consultancy work, thus being one of the very early business bloggers in the Netherlands. So here's the bottle to celebrate...:

Blogging has been with me ever since those first days. The Retail-betaalgedachten became: Linkdump on Retailpayments that you are now reading. And of course, when setting up, a representative organisation for e-money issuers in the Netherlands, I chose the blog as the main landing/reading platform of the website. And in addition I set up a personal blog on jazz in the Netherlands.

And now, last year marks the beginning of yet another blog, this time on the financial history of amsterdam/netherlands. It's a spin off of my passion to always take a historical approach towards analyzing todays issues in society and industry. So as of this year, every now and then you can read my views on euro-crisis, financial sector and payments on that blog.

And on that note I wish all the readers a very good new year !!