Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ministry of finance and central bank warn for the 'world-euro'

This press release (in Dutch) is a warning to the public to not try to buy so called World Euro's, issued by the European Union, as avertised last friday. The advertisement claimed that for 10 euro people could buy world-euro coins. 5 Euro would be given to charity, and the other 5 would be converted to world-euro's, to be used as regular cash.

A couple of days later, it now turns out that the one page ad was a free assignment to an advertisement agency. They were asked by the Volkskrant (a morning newspaper) to attract attention of the public for an issue that really should be on the European agenda. And they came up with the idea of the World-euro (and really started believing in it...). But as a result of all the compliance fuss, the real story behind this advertisement was disclosed prematurely and the website of the world-euro was adapted to comply with bank supervision law.

Well, that's 10 points for the ad-agency, I would say.

Or perhaps eleven?