Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Kort weergave uit: ATMs and Cash Dispensers 2002

Retail Banking Research (RBR) has recently made available its latest analysis of the European ATM market, "ATMs and Cash Dispensers 2002". It reports that during 2001, the installed base of ATMs in Europe expanded by 6% - representing almost 15,000 units - to 267,000 machines. Germany, the region's largest ATM market since 1993, has almost 50,000 machines. Spain is in second place with just under 47,000 installations, while France, the UK and Italy each have between 34,000 and 37,000 ATMs.

Together the "big five" countries accounted for over three quarters of the region's ATMs. In terms of growth these five markets were even more dominant, accounting for 88% of new installations in the region in 2001, with the burgeoning UK market alone responsible for three out of every ten new machines. Greece was the fastest growing market in Western Europe, with the number of

ATMs rising by 21%. In contrast not one country in Scandinavia saw the installed base increase by more than 50 units; indeed the number of machines in Finland fell for the 9th consecutive year.

Een open vraag: hebben geldautomaten in winkels (extra gevoelig voor overvallen) wel of geen toekomst?