Saturday, August 25, 2007

ABN Amro employees don't wish to be sold out to bidders...

See the RTL news that outlines that a huge ABN AMRO survey outlines that 55 % wishes ABN AMRO to be independent. And 39 % chooses Barclays over 6 % Fortis. So the labour unions will now ask the ABN AMRO Board of Directors to conduct an investigation into that independent scenario.

Again, we should recognize that even ABN AMRO employees may not have the full overview and details on the new situation and the mergers. They oppose to being split up. And I was just going to link to the ABN AMRO investor relations website to illustate that ABN AMRO has repeatedly split up and reorganised itself over the past years (without a lot of succes). And all the time the employees representatives did not ask their Board to self-reflect on the wisdom of such actions. But now they do oppose to outsiders that will do exactly the same.

Too bad that I can't make the whole argument right now, as the ABN AMRO investor relation website is completely down... ... which makes me wonder: would there be a silent take-over going on ... beginning as we speak with the website....?