Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Viral commercial by Postbank to promote speed of payments

Since today Postbank has a link on its website to a special viral site with the name snelgeldovermaken.postbank.nl, meaning paying fast with Postbank. It shows a teacher that wishes to pay icecreams but hasn't sufficient funds on the account. And in order to pay or the icecreams she calls you; the viewer sends some virtual money and voila, the kids can have their icecream.

Interesting example. And completely accurate. Actually I did this same trick with my brother who also has a Postbank account. Last year I asked him to get a specific coat in his town, as it was sold out in my hometown. So when he found my coat was still available in the shop, he phoned me and I transferred the money via Postbank; 10 seconds later he paid for the coat in the shop, using the money I just sent him.

Whether or not the viral will work is to be found out. Theory has it that payments are a complete and utter dissatisfier, so no one is getting hot about payments, unless something goes wrong. Becoming more happy because of a super-fast payment may appear to be neat now, but in this always online world, the feeling will soon wear off. Then again, let's wait and see the spin-off.