Saturday, July 28, 2007

Payter™: another nfc-phone payment pilot aiming to become a product

See the Payter™ website to find out that:
- Payter is a new pre-paid nfc-phone payment application,
- which will start as a pilot in Rotterdam,
- where pilot-participants use a special Nokia phone that they get on loan during the trial,
- and surfers can preview a slick demo,
- but currently no one can apply, due to massive sign-up (as it says on the website).

So, we have a C1000 trial being postponed as well as this pilot not marching on. And Rabo's minitix being also able to do NFC-payments. So these are definitely interesting times for innovation.

If we realize that there were some 6 years between the first trial with an IC-e-purse (Woerden, 1990) and the first product (Chipknip,1996) my guess is that we will be well beyond 2012 before we will have a standardized nfc-phone payment system in the Netherlands. That is, unless retailers will want to boycot this product as well...