Thursday, July 19, 2007

Paypal results are out...

See the files here:

PayPal had another exceptional quarter, with accelerating Total Payment Volume (TPV) and revenue growth. PayPal’s Merchant Services business recorded outstanding results, as PayPal expanded its global footprint to new geographies and currencies during the quarter.

PayPal net revenues totaled a record $454 million in Q2-07, a growth rate of 34% over the $339 million reported in Q2-06. Global TPV was $11.69 billion in Q2-07, a 32% increase from the $8.86 billion reported in Q2-06.

PayPal Merchant Services contributed $4.92 billion globally to the $11.69 billion in global TPV in Q2-07, representing a 57% increase from the $3.13 billion reported in Q2-06.

PayPal reported a transaction revenue rate of 3.70% for the quarter, a transaction expense rate of 1.12% and a transaction loss rate of 0.29%. Interesting benchmark for those starting a business.