Saturday, June 09, 2007

EBALink (Equens) extended to SEPA

See the press release of equens to see that on June 6, Equens announced it will extend its EBALink service to SEPA. This means that through Equens, Dutch banks will be able to send and receive SEPA payments (Credit Transfer and Direct Debit) to and from banks that are connected to the Euro Banking Association (EBA), but not to Equens or one of its partners such as Seceti. Within SEPA reachability is a crucial necessity. Therefore this is again an important milestone for Equens towards the realisation of SEPA reach for the Dutch community.

The Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank – DNB) will continue its facilitating role as direct participant in EBA. Equens will take care of the interfacing to EBA and the clearing and settlement preparation of SEPA payments to and from the Dutch banks. Furthermore, Equens will also enable other EBA participants to make use of this service.