Sunday, April 29, 2007

E-gold founders indicted

Ian's Financial Cryptography log mentions that: e-gold founders are indicted and explains a bit of background. Nothing new here and nothing personal either. US Cops and government are all around with this anti-gambling, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist, anti-everything rage. They did so with ABN AMRO as well.

In doing so the US firmly succeed in driving business away from their country for the sake of a good feeling. Because crime doesn't stop if you only pick out the obvious or nearby examples. It is a consequence of culture as well. And the source of all this bad stuff is of course the US culture (which has spread around the globe for quite some years) that values the pursuit of money, value and hapiness as a core constitutional value.

So the US is essentially fighting itself, which will be an eternal battle of no cultural change occurs simultaneously. Meanwhile gambling sites focus on EU markets, ABN AMRO sells it's US branches of LaSalle in response to being fined, large companies leave the New York Exchange, making the whole of US a puritan reservate and the remaining whities the indians of the future?