Sunday, November 12, 2006

CCV Holland ready for Europe

See article in HFD. CCV Holland have received certification for its terminals and is now ready for roll-out and replacement of card terminals (costing app 500 euro per terminal). But CCV is also processing/switching 200 million card transactions per year and sets out to become the second switcher of POS-transactions in the Netherlands. For that reason CCV is better off with industry moving to V-Pay and Maestro than a continuation of domestic POS-protocols.

By the way, let us all be reminded that it was retailers themselves who complained about all different terminal protocols and requirements in Europe: they demanded a unified protocol/service level. And as we are reaching such unified protocols/service levels, they now start complaining how they lose their local flavour (and local fees). Sufficient to demonstrate that the adhoc element of retailer reasoning is high and its consistency quite low.