Saturday, February 25, 2006

Official Google Blog updates work on Google payments

On this official Google Blog you can read an update on the Google Work on Payments. It explains that at first Google needed a payment infrastructure for itself to pay out for the Ads. That used to be all checque based, but over the years Google improved towards ACH and bank-links. Having done all that, it's a smaller step to using the payments connection for users themselves as well (see an example of the purchase and payment process here on Scot Wingo's E-bay blog).

A perfect example of how new forms payments always pop-up on the back of some other primary activity:
- parking,
- buying/selling via e-Bay (Paypal)
- making phone calls (m-Payments)
- travelling (travelers cheque/ credit-card).

It wouldn't pay for anyone to develop a Google-payment product from scratch. But it does if very similar technology and the user base is already in place.