Friday, September 24, 2004

Dutch banks join hands to develop standard for e-payments

Having built a joint system in 1997 (I-pay met SET) and having discovered the complexity of public key infrastructure technology, Dutch banks set out to develop their own Internet strategies. Having done so, now is the time to join hands once again.

Recently the Dutch banks announced (see in Dutch: Planet Multimedia) that a new internet payment standard will be developed. Current e-payment initiatives by ING (Tootz, Way2Pay) and ABN AMRO (E-wallet) will be stopped. Rabo continues its Minitix however and aims for the mobile market with that application.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

9210 (nine to ten): the zip code of another IT-soap

9210: the zip code of another IT-soap1 is the page where interested readers get to learn more about the costs of changing numbering systems in banking.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

This blog: plots for horror stories?

So every now and then I check my referer stats to find out how people end up on these pages. Today it turns out that someone seeking plots for horror stories ends up with a single hit: one of my blog-entries on systemic risk.

Although I personally can imagine quite some horrorful payment stories, I can't imagine the world to be so dull and unexciting as to need to revert to retail payments for inspiration. So whoever was looking for those plots: good luck with your quest !

Thursday, September 02, 2004

President Bush's picture on a fake $200 bill

Well, here's a nice one. A (undoubtedly visionary) woman pays in a shop, using a 200 dollar bill with the picture of George Bush on it. See this CNN-story. It's not that strange an idea. If Bush wins the upcoming elections he may start thinking he is a brilliant statesman that ranks alongside Franklin and all the others.

I wonder if, in case I were a US states official, I would be able to make Bush sign a Presidential Decree that -to celebrate his election victory- he's going to be on the next bank note. My guess is that Bush checks the details of such a decision as good as the intelligence reports he gets every now and then. Which would be interesting, because these details state that according to US law, only dead man may become immortal by appearing on US bank notes.